EVN, Cot. 12 — The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), also known as OLF-Shene, has once again reportedly massacred over 40 ethnic Amharas in Dera Woreda, North Shewa, Oromia region. This marks another harrowing crime in the restive region, where ethnic Amharas are targets of mass atrocities and kidnappings.

Dera Woreda has persistently been a target of OLA, enduring a series of relentless attacks against ethnic Amharas. According to credible EVN sources, this latest atrocity occurred shortly after OLA gained control of the Woreda once more just a few days ago.

The recent event is not an isolated incident. In March, the terrorist group kidnapped over 100 Amhara civilians in Dera. Families of the victims recounted their ordeals to the Weekly Amharic Reporter, shedding light on the persistent reign of terror inflicted by armed militants. “Shene militias have long been responsible for the abduction and displacement of innocent people in the area,” sources said. While it briefly subsided, the heinous acts have regrettably resurfaced, resulting in numerous abductions and the wanton destruction of homes.

Last November, the OLA launched a deadly assault on Gundo Meskel, the administrative town of Dera Woreda in North Shewa. The militant group left a trail of destruction, claiming the lives of numerous Amhara civilians and abducting many others.

EVN remains committed to closely monitoring the situation.