By Tee Haile

When PM Abiy came to power about five years ago, he exhibited legendary diplomatic maneuvering that effectively brought an end to years of armed insurrection by tens of factions who used neighboring countries as their springboard to wage war on successive Ethiopian regimes, specifically the ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front), whose armed insurgency persisted for over forty years, wreaking havoc on the nation’s developmental endeavors, during which a dozen Chinese nationals were killed.

At the beginning of his reign, PM Abiy appeared to have laid out his political roadmap with seemingly incredible geometric precision, to the point where the majority of Ethiopians rallied behind him, resulting in his sweeping victory in the subsequent election.

What transpired after the June 2021 election sent shockwaves among many Ethiopians who had entrusted him to save the nation from age-old tribal strife. ‘Time is a hidden factor’ (as they say), and time has indeed revealed PM Abiy’s true colors. He is not only someone who harbored personal grudges toward the Amharic-speaking ethnic group but also a profoundly immoral and demagogic character, to which Ethiopians had been kept oblivious.

The man who once capitalized on “love” and “reconciliation” on his way to power never gave a hint that he would become a ruthless dictator someday. Yet, he did so shortly after commencing his first term by detaining journalists and even members of parliament who are supposed to be shielded by parliamentary immunity. These illegal activities have rendered his administration tyrannical and lawless.

If you go back to the drawing board and investigate the high-profile assassinations of top generals and the chronological events in which thousands of ethnic Amhara have been slaughtered, from Wollega to Beneshangul Gumuz and parts of Wello, it becomes crystal clear that these catastrophic events were undoubtedly inspired by none other than Abiy Ahmed himself.

The day of reckoning is inevitable, as the dark clouds of danger hover over his head. What’s utterly flabbergasting is that he is oblivious to the fact that the Almighty keeps a constant vigil over his atrocious mindset. When justice befalls him, he will be the last person to be convinced that he has indeed been suffering from cognitive dissonance. By then, it will be too late!